How can I set up my AEG Appliance?

First things first, you'll need to register your AEG appliance. It's an amazingly simple process that should take you less than 30 seconds. You can register at this URL:

Now that you've registered, you'll navigate to "My Appliances" in the app and take 3 quick and easy steps to connect your oven:

1. Click on the small green circular gas-burner icon on the bottom menu bar and click "AEG":

2. Locate your PNC (Product Number Code) inside the oven on the lower righthand side.


3. Enter the PNC either by enabling your camera to take a photo of it, uploading a photo of it, or entering the number manually:

New photo:

Upload photo:

Enter manually:

Once you've completed this step successfully, you'll see this success notice.

If you're still having trouble, shoot us a note at and we'll help you out!

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