Why do you call them "meals" instead of "recipes"?

Tyler Florence, Innit’s Chief Content and Innovation Officer, spoke about recipes with so much eloquence that we're going to share his thoughts here:


"The modern recipes is dead. Why?

They don't suit out lifestyles anymore.

Everyone who's working on recipes now—you're wasting your time. Inflexible recipes don't work with the modern lifestyle anymore. They need to be retranslated to fit how real people actually cook and use technology.

They're incompatible with the way we eat.

Most cookbooks have about 125 recipes—but the average consumer only uses 5 of them. The recipes we do use have to be personalized based on our allergies, preferences, and what's in the pantry.

They weren't made for real people.

Few people actually use recipes Monday through Friday. Recipes were not designed for use by people who are busy—real people who cook everyday but have to balance a million other things."

Instead of giving you a bunch of recipes, we at Innit strive to share with you meals that fit your busy lifestyle, the way you eat, and the ingredients you may have lying around. Meals are creative, flexible, and responsive to your tastes, needs, and available time. 



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